The goal of CarLit.com is to share Car Sales Literature information on the web via comprehensive and easy-to-navigate photo lists. These photo lists are essentially my collection, and I am listing them for reference, not for the purpose of selling. I will, over time, add items owned by others to make the lists more complete (they will be identified by green, yellow or red dots below the thumbnail image). The lists are a "work in progress", and will take, perhaps, several months or years to finish. When complete, I hope to list all car (and light truck) sales literature for all makes sold in the U.S.A. from the mid 1930's up to the current year.


6/17/08 Added some Chev truck, 5/29/08 Chevrolet 35-42, 5/27/08 Chevrolet 56-60, 5/20/08 Chevrolet 46-55


The photo lists are organized by make and year. I use the "sales year" to group the lists, and the "model year" to print in the description. Although usually they are the same, sometimes a new model year item can be released during the previous sales year. For example, a 1999 model year item may be released in the spring of 1998. So, I include that 1999 item with the other 1998 items in the 1998 list. In addition, that very same 1999 item will again appear in the 1999 list. If an item is published for a certain year (ie 1998) and not republished for the subsequent year(s), and is still "current", it will only be listed for the initial year (1998). This frequently happens with exotic imports where a model remains current for more than one year. A "?" after the year means I'm unsure about the year.


The color and format codes are paired together as "CC", or "PF", etc.:
- Color codes are: C = color, P = part-color and N = non-color.
- Format codes are: C = catalog, F = folder, S = sheet, D = card and P = portfolio.

Sizes are horizontal by vertical and are rounded up to the nearest 1/4th of in inch.

Pages are the total number of pages including the covers and any foldout pages.
- For folders, the open item is compared to its closed size, ie.: "opens 6x cover size".

The form#, if it exists, is listed following "#:"

The title, within quotes, is occasionally listed, if deemed important.

At the end of the description is an 8 digit item code that uniquely identifies each item, ie. (12098150):
- First, there's a 3 digit code that identifies the make (ie. Chevrolet = 120)
- Second, there's the 2 digit "sales year" (ie. 1998 = 98)
- Third, there's a 3 digit code that identifies the type of item: 100+ = regular showroom, 300+ = f/l (full line), 400+ colors & accessories, 500+ = misc showroom, 650+ = mailers, 850+ = other items. Within each type group, items are listed small to large, regular to deluxe or low price to high price.

Items not owned by me are signified with dots under the thumbnail image:
redline Red dots mean the item image and description are not necessarily accurate.
yellowline Yellow dots mean that the item image and description are fairly accurate.
greenline A Green dot means that the item image and description are accurate.
If you have more accurate information or a better resolution image, please notify me.


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Your feedback is welcomed. Enjoy the photo lists.